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Medieval Economic Theory Gender and Sexuality a. Ancient Philosophy Today Ockham Ethics Politics Oxford Calculators Meister Eckhart Davis on Chaucer b Medieval Philosophy Today Michael Psellos Anna Komnene Primavesi on Manuscripts Palamas and Hesychasm Syriac and Armenian O'Meara on Psellos Ierodiakonou Commentaries The Proclus Revival Latin in Byzantium Iconoclasm John Italos Gender in Byzantium Byzantium and Islam Gemistos Plethon John of Damascus Law, Money, and War Later Orthodox Louth on John of Damascus Rhetoric in Byzantium Manuscripts Palaiologan Science Trizio on East and West Photius Byzantine Historiography.

Italian Renaissance Italian Humanism Lorenzo Valla Kraye on Humanism Humanist Ethics Greek Scholars in Italy. Origins 1.

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Introduction 5. The Self in the Upanisads 9. The Buddha Gethin on Buddhism Non-Violence 2. Historical Overview 6.

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Karma The Mahabharata Women in Ancient India 3. The Vedic Period 7. Black on the Upanisads Kautilya and Ashoka The Bhagavad-Gita Frazier on Hinduism 4. The Upanisads 8. Panini's Grammar. Age of the Sutra Vedanta-Sutra Ayurvedic Medicine Nyaya on Reasoning Theories of Time Rise of Skepticism Advaita Vedanta Yoga-Sutra Nyaya on the Mind Naturalism Mimamsa-Sutra Bhartrihari on Language Maas on Yoga Jha and Jha on Nyaya Materialism Mimamsa on Knowledge Clooney on Vedanta Nyaya-Sutra Vaisesika-Sutra Chadha on Mind Freschi on Mimamsa Samkhya Nyaya on Perception Vaisesika on Complexity Aesthetics of Rasa.

Buddhists and Jains Westerhoff on Nagarjuna Vasubandhu and Yogacara Dignaga on Consciousness Indian Influence on Greece Nagarjuna on Emptiness Jain Theory of Standpoints Dignaga on Perception Buddhaghosa Influence on Islam, Europe Nagarjuna on Change Jains on Truth Dignaga's Logic Tantra Later Indian Philosophy Gorisse Jain Epistemology Graham Priest on Buddhism Carpenter on Animals Kit Patrick. Precolonial 1.

Introduction 7. Parkinson on Egypt Sokoto Caliphate Philosophy of the Person Professional School 2. Prehistoric Africa 8. Early Ethiopian Philosophy Diagne on Islam in Africa Communalism Sage Philosophy 3. Ancient Mesopotamia 9. Zera Yacob Oral Philosophy in Africa Divination and Witchcraft Kresse on Anthropology 4.

Ancient Egypt Walda Heywat Imbo on Okot p'Bitek Gender in Africa Beyond the Reaction 5. Egyptian Instructions Kiros on Ethiopia Philosophy of Time Nzegwu on Gender Jeffers African Philosophy 6. Egyptian Narratives Subsaharan Islam God in African Philosophy. Smith on Amo Phillis Wheatley Sancho and Banneker Cugoano and Equiano Anton Wilhelm Amo Early Writing in English Lemuel Haynes.

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Submitted by Berel Dov Lerner on 16 January Submitted by Peter Adamson on 17 January Submitted by Berel Dov Lerner on 17 January Submitted by Peter Adamson on 18 January Submitted by David Crook on 18 January Hello, Most astrologers do not consider it to necessarily work by any known physical mechanism, but rather in a manner thats best described as acausal. Submitted by Peter Adamson on 19 January Submitted by Theodore Janiszewski on 11 February Submitted by Peter Adamson on 12 February Submitted by Theodore Janiszewski on 13 February Submitted by Peter Adamson on 13 February Submitted by Berel Dov Lerner on 13 February I always hear people say "Eeb'n Ezra" - is that because I hang around too much with Ashkenazim?

Submitted by Rinat Fresco on 29 December Submitted by Rinat Fresco on 5 January Submitted by Michael Gebauer on 15 February Submitted by Peter Adamson on 14 July Submitted by GoodleShoes on 9 November Hello, I enjoy your podcast very much so thank you for making these episodes!

Submitted by Peter Adamson on 10 November Episodes - Andalusia. Episode Introduction. Episode Islamic Law. Episode Averroes. Episode Arabic into Latin. Episode Averroes on Intellect. Episode Taylor on Averroes. Episode Ibn Gabirol. Episode Pessin Jewish Neoplatonism. Episode Judah Hallevi.


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Episode Freedom and Astrology. Episode Ethics and Judaism. Episode Maimonides. Episode Maimonides on Eternity.

Episode Stroumsa on Maimonides. Episode Maimonides Controversy.

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Episode Gersonides. Episode Crescas. Episode Rudavsky Interview. Episode Book of Job. Episode Kabbalah. Episode Albo and Abravanel. Episode Freudenthal Hebrew Science. Anaximander, Anaximenes. Zeno and Melissus. McCabe on Heraclitus. Socrates without Plato. Charmides, Euthydemus. McCabe on Plato. Plato's Parmenides. Plato's Erotic Dialogues. Plato's Socrates. Plato's Gorgias. Plato's Phaedo.

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Leigh on the Sophist. Sheffield on Platonic Love. Woolf on Socrates. Plato's Meno.