Astrology of 8 february

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Expect the unexpected. You may not understand everything that happens, but that's okay, says Ganesha. Avoid too much activity, as you may be too tired to go out in the evening. Put on your sequins and gloss, the stars predict some music and dancing coming your way! As an administrator, you will command with an iron fist today, predicts Ganesha. In the afternoon, you may find change slowly creeping in; you may discover a more harmonious approach to managing people as compared to a dictatorial style. You will come out with flying colours from any adverse situations.

Religious pursuits will take up a large chunk of your time today. You will incur expenses on religious rituals and charity work. You will find yourself going to a place of worship in search of peace and solitude, says Ganesha.

The first half of the day may leave you a little flummoxed. You may get discouraged when things are not going your way, predicts Ganesha. But your subconscious mind knows how to handle such situations.

You will take a break from the rat race, and take a detour to your home. You may even pack your bags and take your partner to a faraway sojourn. Making new friends is like having cookies: one is never enough. Ganesha sees that you take this idea quite seriously, and will make all the efforts to swell your circle of friends today.

New Moon Meaning

It is a good thing, since your new friends may prove to be useful to you in times of need. On a more personal front, Ganesha says your feelings need a free expression in the evening. So, mush things up a bit, light a few candles and lay out a spread. Invigorate the romantic ambience for you and your sweetheart.

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What is special about february 8 astrology

You might spend most of your day at the table today, planning and mapping your future. Keep your partner in the loop while making important decisions. Take the approval of your family as and when required so that no misunderstanding creeps up in the days to come. You will be surprised at the advice you get from your partner and loved ones, says Ganesha. Today, you touch a new high when it comes to self-reliance.

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The pledges and promises you make may tend to perplex people at your workplace. The afternoon may see you taking on other people's responsibilities as well. Your vigour reaches its highest point in the evening, expects Ganesha.

Planetary Row

According to Ganesha, you may just be happy basking in the glory of successful business deals. Focus on your target and there's lot more in store for you on the career front. Sometimes, it's all right to pamper your beloved with precious gifts, and for this you may end up splurging today. Where do you want to go? Want to be the best year ever?

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Start prepping now with your horoscope! Just a note: Be careful of the financial risks you make, especially when it comes to something between a friend. It may be wise to offer help in non-financial ways or wait a bit until their endeavor has gotten a bit further along. It may be smart to think before you speak; you may accidentally spill some confidential information.

Play things close to the chest for the day. A shift in perspective, in the form of some advice from a friend, could be beneficial. You also may just need some time.

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Coming back to a project with fresh eyes may be best. You may be juggling multiple dates woohoo! You may need some new perspectives, or to talk through different options. The best strategy for you is to take a step back and think big picture. Friends or family can help you suss out what you already know, but beware of asking what you should do.