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Thookkam vazhipadu is to gain good baby boys. Another festival Ponkala is during the month of Makara. Rice offering in earthen pots is supposed to be good for eye diseases. The temple could easily be located on noticing a banyan tree very near to the road with an Althara which can be seen from a distance. Surrounding the Banyan tree, there is a Mandapam artistically surrounded with beautiful mural paintings. Inside the Mandapam there is an idol of Nataraja - the dancing manifestation of Lord Shiva facing the east.

From this Mandapam towards the west, the 60 Ft. The 18 ascending steps of the Gopuram leads to the sacred idols of Indilayappan Sastha and the Maha Shiva idols, which is the presiding diety of the Mahadeva Temple. Because of the presence of the Mahadeva and Sastha idols in the temple, there are two Dhwajas towering flag posts coated with copper adjacent to each other which is a rare spectacle seldom seen among other temples. The Maha Shiva idol and the Sastha idols are installed facing each other in this temple.

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The temple because of its. The sanctum sanctorum of Lord Mahadeva was constructed in circular manner and in ancient Kerala sculptures as in the renowned other Shiva temples of Kerala. The artistically decorated towering Gopurams on the East and West Nada and the Anakkottil— waiting shed for elephants during the festival ceremony are indeed rare specialties. There is a well furnished auditorium on the northern side of the temple with a seating capacity of more than people. There is also vehicle parking facility on both the eastern and western sides of the temple In this temple there are three wells for the daily pooja.

The main well is inside the Nalambalam. The other two are in the North and South of the Prathikshina path way. Even in summer, the water level of these wells remains full. Kalajnoor, Pathanamthitta - , Ph: , Kallooppara Sree Bhagavathy Temple.

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Idol of this temple is Mirror and two legends assist the formation. When this bachelor Brahmin grew old he prayed to Goddess Porkali for his helplessness to visit the temple as usual. For this grievous and painful prayer Devi gave a divine sight and told him to have his Darshan at Manimalayar River bank where the temple shrine now situates.

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Second legend says that a Sanyasi Yogeswaran from Himalaya on his pilgrimage reached Kallooppara and felt that is the apt place to install the Sree Chakra he attained for his. More than temples in and outside kerala have been tantrically set up by the Kuzhikatt Bhattathiris. Tharayil Kavu Bhagavathy Temple is one of the rare Bhadrakali temple of kerala belonging to a family which has been given the status of Kavu.

The temple is situated next to the Mana. Caste and creed is not taken into consideration, people from all over the world come to Kuzhikatt Illam in large numbers. The Chathan Swamy Prathishta in the Nalukettu and the Bhadrakali temple next to the Illam provide an atmosphere of Bhakthi to the devotees. Sree Chakra Worship is the other speciality of this famous Mana. This Sree Chakra is installed besides Devi and is believed the presence of Lord Vishnu is there in this temple.

Temple was believed to be owned by Thekkomkoor Raja Family. The Lord Kovilan family also administered this temple for a while. Later Edappally Swaroopam defeated Kovilan family and owned this temple and this area. Kalam Ezhuthum Pattum for 41 days in Vrichikum is specialty in this temple. Bharani star of Makaram is celebrated for years as the birthday of Bhagavathy with Sapthahayanja.

Kumbha Bharani festival which starts ten days before Bharani concludes on that day. Padayani, Ottamthullal, Thirumumbilvela etc are the rare performed arts played in connection with Kumbha Bharani. Rare presence of two Malikas in East and West is also occurring in this holy temple of Kallooppara Bhagavathy. Thanthries of this temple are from Tharayil Kuzhikattillam of Thiruvalla. O, Thiruvalla Kodumon Chilanthiyambalam. This is a temple situated at Kodumon a tiny town in Pathanamthitta. Chilanthiyambalam is a temple dedicated to the God of Spider Chilanthi.

Spider as we all know is a poisonous creature. It affects the skin spuriously. The water from the precincts of this temple is believed to cure all skin related diseases. Kodumom is the birth place of Sakthi Bhadrah the doyen of Sanskrit dramas like Aascharyachoodamoni, which was composed in original and pure Sanskrit. Alappuzha With Arabian Sea in the west and intertwined by a vast network of lakes, lagoons and fresh water rivers Alappuzha is a district of immense natural beauty.

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The never ending panorama of backwaters, lush paddy fields, glorious greeneries give Alappuzha a great significance in the tourist map of Kerala. This backwater abode is also home for diverse animals and birds. This was once a leading port of Southern India with commodities like spices, coir and aquatic products dominating exports. Alleppey green is the main variety among cardamom exported to all the major countries. This commodity imbibed its name not because it was produced or processed here, but it was exported from Alleppey port.

Today Alappuzha is an important backwater destination attracting several thousands foreign tourists every year. Alappuzha is also famous for its boat races, beaches, marine products and coir industry. A singularity of this district is the region called Kuttanad — a land of lush paddy fields referred to as the rice bowl of Kerala and one of the few places in the world where farming is done below the sea level.

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Railway station, Ph: , Road - Alappuzha is connected by road with several tourist centres and cities in India. There are frequent bus services to Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Kollam and Kottayam. Local Transport: Buses, Taxis and Autorikshaws. Ferry Services: Boat services provided to various places around Alappuzha, Ph: Public boat service enquiry - Ph: The temple is a half kilometer away from Venadumukku in Mavelikkara- Chenganoor route.

Not the natural beauty but the propitious blessing of Devi attracts a lot of worshippers to the temple. Thousands of people depend on the Vana Durga Devi to get remedies for sarpadosham serpent sin Sathrunasam destroying of enemies , Santhana Bhagyam blessing to have child , marriages etc.

The presiding deity in this temple. Nagaraja, Naga yakshi and four types of serpents are also consecrated in this temple and worshipped.

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  • Chakkulathukavu Sree Bhagavathi Temple (ചക്കുളത്തുകാവ് ശ്രീ ഭഗവതി കൊഇല്‌) Neerettupuram.
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Another important attraction of this holy temple is sarpam thullal a ritual to appease Serpant God which is celebrated once in every seven years. Ambalapuzha is a taluk in Alappuzha district, some 10 kilometers away from the district headquarters. This was the capital of Chambakasseri kings. Ambalapuzha temple, its office, staff quarters, guest rooms, elephant yard, bathing pond etc.


There are demigods outside the sanctum sanatorum. The annual festivities in Ambalapuzha temple present an array of different artefacts like Kathakali, Kooth, Koodiyattam, Ottam thullal, classical concerts, etc. The myth behind this palpaysam is like this: Once the king of Chembakasery took a loan of tons of paddy from an alien Brahmin to meet the expense of his army. The king could not repay this debt for some time. The principal, interest and cumulative interest added up to a very huge sum. One morning as the King was.

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The king was puzzled. The minister in no seconds arranged from all sources the entire paddy needed for the repayment and heaped it before the Brahmin and ordered him to remove it instantly. The Brahmin was very happy and was in amazement. He could find no device to remove such huge mountain of paddy. He apologized and entreated to grant time. This was refused. The Brahmin kept a handful of paddy and the receipt on the threshold of the sanatorum and with the huge resource requested to prepare palpayasam daily as an offering to the God was made.

The great poet Kunchan nambiar spent a major part of his life, including the last, worshipping Lord Krishna here.

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There was not a single section of bureaucracy that was not subjected to this scathing attack. The instance that prompted Nambiar to compose Thullal over stories altogether - is very interesting. It was the duty of the Nambiar Community to give instrumental support like Mizhavu, a huge Tabla like instrument, during the discourse of Koothu by Chakyar. Amidst one such performance Nambiar had a mild nap, which Chakyar noticed.